Who We Are


In a word, Andrew and Deanna Cauthen, the owners and operators of ReVamped Furnishings, are Renaissance people. Although they are both highly skilled communications and public relations professionals, they also have a passion for bringing new life back to old pieces of furniture and for re-imagining and creating new pieces.



Over the past 10 years, Andrew has used his carpentry and refinishing skills to restore and rebuild a variety of antique pieces including desks, chairs, beds, bureaus and much more.



Just like the name states, ReVamped specializes in giving new and improved form, structure, or appearance to antique pieces of furniture and selling them at market prices.  The owners primarily restore pieces of furniture made from wood, but they also will recondition and give a fresh look to cast iron, stone, and metal pieces as well. We also repurpose and upcycle items and use them to create original, organic pieces.



In 2017, the Cauthen’s decided that it was time to build a dedicated workshop that would allow them to expand the business.  To read more about their workshop experience, visit The Anatomy of a Workshop blog post.